Benefits And Future Of Voip Communication

Voip communication is a form of communication which enable us to make phone calls by using internet connection instead of using analog telephone lines. Usually voip allow you to call those who received the calls on internet. By using interconnected voip service you will be able to call landlines number and also received from landlines numbers. But interconnected voip service are little expensive as compared to receiving and calling through voip.

Uses And Benefits Of LDAP

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is protocol which provide the feasibility of maintaining, organizing, monitoring and distributing of data over an internet protocol network either public Internet,corporate intranet or both.Directory service of LDAP's play very good role for sharing the information of user,services,system,application and individual throught the network.

Importance Of SMS Marketing

  • 28 February 2015 by aatif

SMS marketing is a method of advertising products and services in an efficient way. SMS marketing, now a days, has become an important tool of advertising for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Initially, text messages were used for communication with friends, colleagues and relatives. But now it is also used for marketing purposes. SMS marketing is a decent way to catch target audience.

Benefits of On-premises Predictive Dialer Over Hosted Predictive Dialer

  • 24 February 2015 by aatif

There are many dialers available in the market and every dialer has its own specifications and benefits in term of use. Predictive dialer is mainly used in call center because of its very effective feature of using statistical algorithm which has the ability to reduce the waiting time for agents.