Best Free And Open Source Educational Software For Kids

Tux Paint is a free and open source drawing program for children. It is very excellent award winning program. It consist of very user friendly graphical user interface desinged for children. It consist of sounds effects and cartoon mascot who guides children as they use the program. Tux Paint provide the very comprehensive drawing tool,it provide very good features to their user like paint brush, rubber stamp, line tool, shape tool, text and label tools ,eraser,undo and multiple levels of undo, undo actions can themselves be undone with the 'Redo' button etc.

The Top 5 Open Source DVD Burners

ImgBurn is a free and open source burning application solution. It has ability to burn data and files directly to CD/DVD and supported different types of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray images to record able media. It is written in C++ language and released under license Freeware. It is developed by Lightning UK and it is based on the optical disc burning engine of DVD Decrypte.ImgBrun supported different type of file formats like ISO, MDS, NRG,BIN, CUE,DI,PDI etc.It has ability to create different type of video disc like DVD Video discs,HD DVD Video discs and Blu-ray Video discs.

Best Programming Languages For Learner

Java is one of the world most popular programming language. It is a general purpose programming language developed by James Gosling and Sun Microsystems. It can be run on all platforms that supported Java,you can run it on Java virtual machine without consideration of computer architecture. It is little hard to learn therefor in most schools first learn C/C++ to full understanding Java language because lot of its syntax from those earlier languages.

Free And Open Source Applications For Small Business

Apache OpenOffice is an open source office suite.It is similar to Microsoft Office and is very helpful for small business.It is available free of cost.It provide the various usefull programme for small business like word processing (Writer), spreadsheets (Calc), presentations (Impress),formula editor (Math), graphics databases and more.It is available in different languages and compatible with various operating systems.It was released under the SISSL and GNU LGPL licesnse.

The Best Open Source Survey Applications

FluidSurvey is an open source online Survey Software Solution. This application used worldwide and not for profit,small business, industries and education institutions are its main users. It is very comprehensive application and designed in such a way to collect and analyze data from its customers. By using FluidSurvey you can get feedback from employees,conduct customer satisfaction polls,gather market research and academic research and many more.

Best Open Source Unified Modeling Language Tools

ArgoUML is an open source Unified Modeling Language tool. It is written in Java language and released under open source Eclipse Public License. You can run it on any Java based platform and it is available in 10 languages. It has very user friendly graphical user interface (GUI). The user interface is split in different panes are explorer,ToDo and details. ArgoUML provide diagramming features which are easy to used and provide help in formatting,allign process.