Best 5 Open Source Project Management Tools For 2016

  • Fri, 04/01/2016 - 15:43 by aatif

Best 5 Open Source Project Management Tools For 2016

MyCollab is an open source project management, CRM and document management software for small and medium size organizations. It is web based solution. It runs on Java platforms. It used MySQL database. It is released under license AGPLv3. It comes with easy installation process and get a ride from manually edit configuration files. MyCollab latest released comes on March 14, 2016.

Features Of MyCollab

It is light and fast collaboration platform management tool.
It is customizable for small to the enterprise levels.
It supported both desktop and mobile devices.
It provides reporting and online editor features.
It has built in calendar and gantt chart.

Odoo is an open source project management. This management tool provides supply chain management and inventory management solution. Odoo supported all sizes of organizations. It is a full ERP solution and based on multiple apps which each app perform different functions. It has been written in Python language and released under license AGPL. It is also available in software as a service solution.

Features Of Odoo

It has improved purchase and inventory performance.
It has ability to automatically send RfQs to your suppliers based on stock levels.
It can manage refunds, product receivables and quality control.
It analyzes, forecast and efficiently plan orders.
It easily imports the suppliers price list.

Taiga another best open source 2016 project management tool. It is the best system for startups, Agile developers, and designers. It is designed for smaller team of developers. It is mostly used by designers, project managers and other agile methodology practitioners in fields from marketing to engineering and so on. It is written in AngularJS and CoffeeScript languages. It is released under GNU Affero General Public License.

Features Of Taiga

It provides the features of project collaboration.
It provides the support of bug tracking.
It provides comprehensive reporting.
It allows time tracking, task management and track user stories and sprints. .
It has customizable agile functionality.

Redmine is an open source project management, bug tracking tool. It enables users to manage a number of projects and underlying sub-projects. Redmine written in Ruby on Rails language. It is supported cross platform and across databases for storing data. It also supported 34 different languages. The Redmine's software design is similar to track software and also provide similar types of features.

Features of Redmine

It provides the time tracking functionality.
It is flexible issue tracking system.
It provides flexible role based access control.
Excellent Gantt chart and calendar support.
Provide multiple projects support.
Supported multiple languages.
Provide the support of multiple databases.

Orangescrum is an excellent simple Project management and collaboration tool. It is a web application written in CakePHP. It enables user to share ideas, feedbacks, questions and discussions across the team in conversation threads along with attachments. It also enables remote teams to team up at one place.

Features Of Orangescrum

It is an online project management tool.
It provides the file sharing facility.
It provides the facility of bug tracking and milestone tracking.
It provides the features of resource management and requirements management.
It is customizable solution.