How to use Fax Voice broadcasting software for telemarketing

ICTBroadcast is a broadcasting solution that provides you the ability to Bulk broadcast. Bulk broadcasting is a method of advertising, by broadcasting a message to thousands of people at a time. Bulk voice broadcasting requires a prerecorded voice message, contact list, and autodialer.

ICTBroadcast is an auto dialer software that provides you the facility of bulk voice broadcasting. The user simply makes a campaign and provides the Pre-recorded message and the contact list and ICTBroadcast starts broadcasting that message to that contact list in a very short time. Big and Small businesses use ICTBroadcast for bulk voice broadcasting for the promotion of products and services.

ICTBroadcast is a PSTN and VOIP based multi-tenant Voice, Fax and SMS broadcasting solution used by Marketing and Event management Firms, Financial Services, Insurance agencies, Utilities, Travel industry, Schools, Colleges, Small or big businesses who routinely requires to send messages and faxes to hundred of targeted clients, customers, consumers or others simultaneously. It is a Voice-based marketing automation solution used for the purpose of bulk broadcasting.

ICTBroadcast provides the ability of following Bulk broadcastings.

Bulk Voice Broadcasting

ICTBroadcast is a powerful tool for bulk voice broadcasting. By using it as Voice broadcasting software you can broadcast anywhere in the world either calling mobile numbers or landline numbers. It has a very beautiful user-friendly geographical user interface (GUI), it enables users to easily upload voice messages, create a contact list,s, and run campaigns.

Bulk Fax Broadcasting

ICTBroadcast is used for Bulk fax broadcasting/fax marketing software to broadcast fax documents to thousand of people at the same time. It dials numbers from contact lists and on the answer by the recipient, transfers fax documents. Built-in support for pdf and tiff document, but can be easily upgraded to support any other document format.

Bulk Sms Broadcasting

ICTBroadcast provides you the ability to simply broadcasts a text message to all the numbers of a contact list.

By using bulk Broadcasting you can fulfill your different scenarios. Uses Of Bulk Broadcasting are below:

  • Fund Raising
  • Lead generation
  • Event Notifications
  • Voter Registration
  • Product Promotions
  • Insurance premium
  • Stock Alert
  • Wake Up Call
  • Vote Reminders
  • Marketing Products
  • Marketing Services


Personalized messages :

ICTBroadcast provides you the facility of Personalised message used in. The personalized message is a professional way to addressing someone by its name, designation, surname, etc.

ICTBroadcast also allows personalized message support. By using Custom IVR voice broadcasting you can broadcast bulk personalized voice calling. IVRs are also designed by an interactive web-based IVR designer.

Scalable bulk broadcasting

ICTBroadcast is a scalable bulk voice broadcasting software solution. It has the ability to dial hundred of thousand of numbers at a time and to reach a maximum customer. To reach maximum customer means your chance of a sale is increased.


It is an excellent application for telemarketing. Through manual calling, connecting to a large number of customers and providing the same level of consistency is difficult. ICTBroadcast bulk broadcasting autodialer software is provided a hundred percent Consistency.

Detailed Reports

ICTBroadcast is a very effective marketing tool for products and services. It has a very excellent call detail reporting system. You can view the statistics of answer call, fail call, busy call, congestion, transfer the call and also export these statistics.

Campaign Management

ICTBroadcast provides you the ability to manage and run campaigns according to you. ICTBroadcast has excellent contact management and filtering system. You can categorize and manage contacts destination wise and filter duplicate and invalid contacts. You can import contacts from external files in csv format.You can also schedule the campaigns according to a particular date and time.

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