Best Open Source Applications 2015

  • Mon, 03/21/2016 - 15:32 by aatif

Blender is a free and open source video editor and 3D computer graphics software application.It is not only a video editor it can also be used for creating 3D printed models, animated films, visual effects video games and interactive 3D applications. Video editor tool of Blender enable you to perform different action on your video like splicing, video cutting and masking. Blender video editor tool is very comprehensive software it provider different features to their user. Some of these excellent features are: live preview,waveform visualization,chroma vectorscope, audio mixing, luma waveform,key frames, filters,Speed control and many more. It also present features of new unbiased rendering engine called Cycles that offers stunning ultra-realistic rendering.

D3 (Data-Driven Documents) is an excellent open source tool, use for data visualization in Web documents.It is used to organize the data, by using D3 you can manage the arbitrary data to document object model. And by using D3 you can apply data-driven transformations to the document. D3 allow you generate HTML table for different array of numbers. It has the ability to enhance the life of data by using HTML,CSS and SVG. It provide the powerful visualization components and provide the capability of modern browsers without using any appropriate framework. D3 solves the crux of the problem like efficient manipulation of documents based on data. It is very fast and provide the dynamic interaction and animation. It allow you to reuse code through a diverse collection of components and plugins.

SugarCRM is another popular open source customer relationship management software solution. Trio of John Roberts was founded in 2004. This customer relationship management(CRM) applications is written in PHP. It has the ability to work with Microsoft sql server database and mysql database. SugarCRM can be used for multipurpose in business, you can used it as a marketing tool, customer information storage, analyzing and reporting. Its comes with two version. One version is commercial and other one is open source. Hosted version of SugarCRM is commercial version while Community version of SugarCrm is free and opens source.

Git is a free and source distributed revision control system.It is deisgned in such a way that to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Git was initially introduced and designed by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development. It emphasis on data integrity, on speed, non-linear work flows and support for distributed. It has ability to handle small to large projects in very efficient way and provide the branching model which provide safe experimentation. It is written in C language and it provide the cryptographic authentication of history. Git design consist of plug gable merge strategies and periodic explicit object packing.

Apache Spark
The Apache spark is an open source fast and general engine for large-scale data processing. It supported across platforms. It enables us to write applications quickly in Java, Scala, Python, R. It run programs up to 100x faster than Hadoop MapReduce in memory. It provides the support for group chat, telephony integration, and strong security. It can be run on Hadoop, Mesos, standalone, or in the cloud. It provides excellent end user experience. It provides the features of tabbed conversations, group chat, in-line spell checking etc