Choose IVR System For Your Business

  • Tue, 03/24/2015 - 23:33 by aatif

Interactive Voice Response is a method of telephony communication that permits the computer to communicate with the caller by using voice and DTMF and route the calls to appropriate recipients. The main purpose of IVR is to facilitate the client to serve themselves by using advanced IVR technology. IVR technology uses speech recognition or DTMF to direct the customer in the right way and answer their questions instead to speaks directly with company staff.

There are numerous benefits of choosing an IVR system for your businesses. Lets we see some of these benefits.

Save Time

Time is money for most successful businesses and pays full concentration on time management. Interactive Voice Response(IVR) great benefit is it saves time. Instead, every time to answer the most frequently asked questions(FAQ) by agent IVR play the recorded message of FAQ it saves a lot of time for businesses and for individuals.

Save Money

By saving time and money businesses increase their productivity and efficiency. Interactive Voice Response has a tremendous effect of most of the business by saving their cost through the deployment of an IVR system in their businesses. IVR reduces the cost of staff which usually stands on receptions, IVR has a great ability to taking care of your business.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is very important to customize and improve the quality of products and services in the business. Most of the companies conduct door-to-door surveys and manually fill up the forum to understand the customer views and needs about the specifics product and services. Interactive Voice Response provides the great feature of getting customer feedback about specific products and services by using DTMF response.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Interactive Voice Response enhances customer satisfaction. By using properly design and easy-to-use IVR routings like (eg, ICTBRoadcast) increases customer satisfaction, reliability, and loyalty.

Enhance Company Image

By using the IVR system in companies it enhances companies' image and professional look. When the caller calls the IVR system provides the ease to interconnect with either the purchasing department, sales department, marketing department, logistic department, technical support department, etc. The caller has engaged the specific agent after the selection of a specific department by using IVR routing functions. This smooth process increase company's image and its professionalism.