Features And Advantages OF Softswitch

  • Sun, 08/23/2015 - 01:20 by aatif

Features And Advantages OF Softswitch

Softswitch is a devices which used for telecommunication. We also known softswitch as software switch. As softswitch is a software it install on computer. Across telecommunication network it connects telephone calls from one phone line to another. This softswitch device used for making IP to IP phone calls and it is used for different mode of packet protocols.

Features Of Softswitches

It used VoIP termination.
It provide wholesale switching.
It is the replacement of the toll or tandem.
It available in post paid and prepaid connections.
It can be use for business and and for residential calling.
Softswitch also supported the features of call waiting, Do Not Disturb services,on hold and retrieve call.
It offer forking of the call and hunting of the call.
It monitor the statistics,ACD and ASR.
It putt restriction to the toll and has ability to implement code to individual client.
It support outgoing and incoming call barring.
It notify unread messages.
It provide the option to reject the anonymous number.

Advantages Of Softswitch

Softswitch offer numerous advantages to VoIP service provider. Lets see some of these advantages of softswitch.

Easy To Use

Softswitch is very excellent software application. It is very easy to control for communication. It is very simple and easy to use even a layman can easily use this. By using softswitch you can easily handle the list of huge clients for packet data switching.

No hardware needed

A big advantage of softswitch is it does not needed any hardware to run it. You need to simply install the software on the system. It is very useful for VoIP service provider to utilize the the softswitch to run his business. It is very cost effective solution you need to make one time payment and take its advantage forever.

Brilliant Performance

Softswitch provide very excellent communication performance. It is flexible and convenient solution for billing system.

Installation And Maintenance

Installing process of softswitch is very simple and easy. It also allow you to remotely setup the software. The maintenance of softswitch is much easy and simple as compare to traditional hardware system. You not needed to take formal training to maintain the system.

User Interface And Price

Softswitch consist of user friendly graphical user interface. User interface of softswitch is very easy and comprehensively describe the operation and function. The price of softswitch is economical.