How Contact center will transform into with advancements in WebRTC?

The call center provides interaction with customers or clients through voice calls either using PSTN lines or VoIP. While the contact centers offer additional pathways of interaction with the customers. A Contact center uses voice, email, text chat, fax, and web interfaces to communicate with clients or customers. Because of its various technological modes of communication, businesses prefer contact centers as their customer interaction medium.

Surveys about the preferred mode of communication of customers with companies show that even though customers may go to a company’s website first but still the preferred mode of communication is the telephone. So the question is now that how do we treat the customers at their first point of contact?

WebRTC, on the other hand, allows customers to make voice and video calls using a web browser without downloading any additional plugins. If we look at this development with context to contact center, customers will be able to easily connect to contact center agents through voice or video by just sitting in front of a company's website. In case of an issue, some people like to talk on the phone while others prefer text chat. Whatever the case may be, WebRTC gives the ability to customers to choose their preferred communication medium to reach the contact center.

Now let's focus on the boons that WebRTC provides for contact centers. WebRTC can be an extremely useful mechanism for sales and high-value transactions. It can also help with the complex types of sales or services such as medical and scientific devices. The ability through WebRTC to initiate a voice and video chat with an agent while accessing a website will help retain that customer. The chat can reduce problems that customers face in understanding the contents and features of a product or service. The WebRTC based text chat, voice, and video may also increase the number of customers willing to try the website. They always have an option to talk to a person in the form of a live agent. This feature may improve customer retention and loyalty.

Some people believe that WebRTC is the death of the traditional call centers. I think it's another way around. The customers will be more willing to enter a voice chat with agents once WebRTC is in full use. This will increase the number of customers on the website for live chat, voice, and video calls. That will also increase the number of agents for interaction with the customers. However, it may be the death of traditional culture within a call center where customers have to wait several minutes, and in some cases hours, for the response from customer service. So it is not that call centers will not exist in the future but the way that customers are responded to and supported will change the culture and structure of traditional call centers.