ICTFax A Poineer Open Source FoIP Software Solution

  • Mon, 04/06/2015 - 23:25 by aatif

FoIP is a process of sending and receiving faxes through voice over internet protocol VoIP. FoIP is growing up for the last few years. FoIP remains successful in getting the huge attention of people because of its cost-saving, reliability, and mobility factors. ICTFax is a pioneer in the field of FoIP software solutions.

ICTFax is an open-source FoIP software solution. This open-source solution is made with a combination of different open source frameworks drupal7, Freeswitch, and very light-weighted ICTCore. ICTFax is a pioneer in T.38 and G711 origination and termination. ICTFax is also a pioneer for providing unified open-source communication software solution which supported Email to fax, web to fax and fax to email. ICTFax is a web-based software that can be used multi-user. ICTFax is designed in such a way that benefit gets by both businesses and service providers.

Benefits Of Using ICTFax FoIP Software

  • The biggest benefit of using ICTFax FoIP software is an open-source means free of cost, no downloading cost
  • This FoIP solution is very easy to install use and administrate
  • Very user-friendly web-based GUI interface
  • Least cost routing due to FoIP
  • Reduce the equipment cost and maintenance cost
  • Provide fast consistent and IP fax services throughout the organization
  • Provide secure real-time faxing