Improving sales strategy through outbound B2B telemarketing software

In the telemarketing field, there are a number of solutions available that can help to produce desirable results for any business. Although telemarketing is considered to be any old tactic for businesses to improve sales but it is still mighty effective if done with right strategy. Telemarketing software alone cannot guarantee to grow your business, it requires a proper strategy.

Organizations that want to grow and to be successful needs to align their marketing and sales through effective marketing strategy and utilize automated solutions so both their marketing and sales staff can make best use of their time. Only then they are better positioned for growth than their competitors.

A telemarketing expert Louise Robinson, Sales Director of CG Consulting recently said in an interview that even still the most successful marketing tool is the cold calling. "For every 10 calls you make, you can expect to approximately on positive response", she said. It may not see like much and it may not work all the time, but it may work enough in some situations that it keeps a business running.

She says that if you have 50 prospects on your list, then may be half of them 25 may have time to hear your message. Out of those, 12 will result in a conversation with your agent and of those 12, may be seven will result in a proposal being submitted, and two or three will lead to an actual sale.

But this is not going to happen alone with telemarketing software. You have to make some very good marketing strategy to be successful. There are some guidelines that can help you to better your chances in telemarketing.

Before making outbound calls, make sure that the person you are dialing is not occupied in their busy cycles. Make sure not call anyone before 9am. Similarly most people are busy in lunch after 1pm. Also don't call too frequently that your prospects gets annoyed even before listening to your message.

Use some automated telemarketing for dialing. These solutions can help you to keep track of leads and prospects, get information from other systems and keep you updated and managed about your campaign.

Using an automated predictive dialer can help sales staff to connect with many prospects that increases the chances of a sale.