Inbound Marketing VS Outbound Marketing

  • Sun, 04/26/2015 - 03:05 by aatif

Every businessman now the importance of marketing for the promotion of business products and services. Most of the big businesses spend millions of dollars to promote their product and services. Two famous marketing strategy on which entire system of marketing depends is outbound marketing and inbound marketing. Outbound marketing was considered the most common marketing strategy but the trend has been changed last few years. Now, most organizations are focus on inbound marketing strategy. Now we see what is the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

Outbound Marketing
Outbound marketing is known as a traditional style of advertisement or promotion of products and services. Usually, we define outbound marketing as a process of promotion or advertising their product or services in front of the general public means not specific target consumers through the medium of television, radio, billboards and print media, etc.

Most large businesses adopt outbound marketing to show their product and services to the general public. Because Outbound marketing is a very expensive strategy for the promotion of products and services. Small businesses cannot afford this type of marketing strategy due to the low marketing budget.

Outbound marketing is also considered a cold strategy of advertising a business's product and services. The purpose of creating ads by outbound marketing is that bring your services and products to the customer.

Outbound marketing shows quick results in product and service sales. But this result is not for a long time. As long as your advertising campaign remains running on television, radio, and print media chance of sales increases as you stop the campaign sales will go down.

Inbound Marketing
Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy in which focus on the target audience by providing high-quality contents which attract the potential customer to search about more your product and services. Medium which involves inbound marketing consist of social media, content creating, and utilizing search engine optimization(SEO) strategy.

Most of the small and medium-sized businesses use Inbound marketing to attract the customer create curiosity to search more about product and business. Inbound marketing is a cheap method of advertisement as compared to outbound marketing. Last few years popularity of inbound marketing is increasing in contrast to outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is considered a warm strategy of marketing products and services. Warm in this sense customers are curious about your product and services through the result of inbound marketing campaign they already show their interest for searching more about your product and services.

The result of inbound marketing as compared to outbound marketing is slow. Because for promoting their business through website content its needs search engine optimization(SEO).SEO is a slow process to enhance website content in search engines. But it is a long-term result-driven campaign.