Open Source Affiliate Marketing Tools

  • Sat, 11/14/2015 - 15:59 by aatif

Open Source Affiliate Marketing Tools

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing, it is a method of earning a commission by promoting other company's products. Affiliates earn through generating sales, leads and traffic for the merchants business. Online affiliate marketing scope is growing day by day. Online affiliate marketer use their efforts to promote the merchant products and earn commission on it. They usually used organic (search engine optimization), paid search engine marketing , e-mail marketing, content marketing to promote the company's product and services.

Many of the online businesses build their own affiliate network to manage own affiliate relationships and to promote products and services. Now a days many affiliate marketing software that can track or manage myriad affiliate marketing activities. There are different types of affiliate tracking software which can be utilized by a number of different business models. Today we focus on open source affiliate marketing software solutions.


Ambassador is an open source solution it empower the companies to turbo-charge their referral program and convert their customers into brand Ambassadors. By using Ambassador you can easily create, track and manage custom incentives that drive referrals and convert to your users. It supported medium and large size businesses. Ambassador support cross platform like Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Windows Phone, Mobile Web App.


Simple campaign builder solution.
Define incentives and share unique URLs.
3rd Party Integration and refer a friend Widget.
Integration support of APIS.
Automatically create ambassadors and create ambassador groups.
Offer social referral tracking.
Support affiliate program and affiliate tracking.

HasOffers by TUNE

HasOffers by TUNE allow you to create own ad network. It is an excellent customizable solution, it allow you to customize your campaign according to your needes. It provide real time monitoring facility, you can analyze, measure and optimize mobile and online marketing campaigns. It is used in large organizations. It supported different languages and cross platforms like Linux, Mac, Windows.


Provide real time reporting features.
Add manager support for campaign optimization.
Manage unlimited employees,advertiser and affiliates.
Able to track seo affiliate.
Supported customization and provide responsive customer support.

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is an excellent software solution. It empower your affiliate program and is easy to manage and track affiliate referrals and related sales. For financial transactions you can integrate shopping carts with Post Affiliate Pro. It is comprehensively fast,expandable and effective solution. It supported number of languages and supported cross platform like Linux, Mac, Windows,iPhone-iPad.


It supported multiple themes and multilanguages.
Supported customizable affiliate interface.
Provide administration help for multiple merchants,affiliate program.
Set commission groups with different commissions for different users.
support the feature to allocate higher commission for higher sale.