Open Source Network Management Projects

  • Wed, 08/26/2015 - 01:31 by aatif

Open Source Network Management Projects

Open source is known as a computer software programs which is available for general public and its source code is also open and available for modification. It is the effort and contribution of developers which continuously working on open source codes and share there collaborative effort in open source community. Any user of open source product is customize the code to fulfill their needs.
Open source projects are available under free of cost support such like most of the open source projects has forum where member of forum gives free of cost help.In some open source project we also take commercial support. Lets see best open source network management projects


  OpenNMS is an open source network management application. It is written in Java language and supported PostgreSQL database. It can be used for for a large number of IP hosts.It provide ICMP monitoring response,monitoring is very easy in OpenNMS. Its comes with web GUI interface but graphical user interface is not very good. It is supported cross platform and mobile client is also available for Apple. It provide APIs for bug tracking system and it has ability to discover automatically network services.

License: GPL


  Zenoss is a very comprehensive open source network management solution. It can be used medium and large enterprises. It has very user friendly graphical user interface.Its web interface allow the administrators to monitor availability, inventory, configuration, performance, and events..Its comes with agent less monitoring tools. Zenoss is written in two languages Python and Java.Under one system you can manage the performance,health,configuration,application and server.It also provide the integration features.

Licence: GPL


  NetXMS is an open source independent network management system.It can be run on Windows, Linux, and other Unix variants.It supported different storage databases like MS SQL, IngreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and SQLite embedded. It provide the flexible access control configuration. NetXMS provide the functions of administration,configuration and monitoring,It has the ability to organize monitor objects into hierarchical structure. It provide the features of remote action and centralized remote agent upgrade.It is written in C,C++ and Java languages.

Licence: GPL


Nagios is widely implemented open source network management solution. The first name of this solution was NetSaint. It supported cross platform. It consist of simple plugin which allow you to develop their own service checks according to your needs.It also provide the flexibility to remotely run scripts via Nagios Remote Plugin Executor. By using Nagios you can monitor anything like alaram,temprature etc.It provide the features of data graphing plugins and parallelized service checks.
Licence: GPL