Open Source Personal Finance Tools For Linux

  • Thu, 03/10/2016 - 15:45 by aatif

Personal finance is the activity of financial management of an individual or families. It is the activity to handle their personal finances, like to handle budget, save and spend monetary resources over time, taking into account various financial risks and future life events. Various components of personal finance are financial position, adequate protection, tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning.

To manage personal finance number of tools available. Today we discuss some open source personal finance tools for Linux.

GnuCash is an open source account management software tool. You can use this accounting management tool for personal use and for small business. GnuCas take records and book-keeping of individual and business. GnuCash is a flexible accounting application you can customize it according to your specific need. GunCash supported multiple languages and also designed for cross platform. You can use this software on a number of operating systems like Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Features of GnuCash

It provide double entry system.
It has the ability to enter split transactions.
It provide the facility of scheduled transactions.
It show financial data's graph and report.
It provide small business accounting features.
It supported different currencies.
It provide data storage and exchange features.

HomeBank is another excellent personal financial management tool. It enables you analyze your personal finance and budget in detail by using powerful filtering tools and beautiful charts. It supported cross platform you can install it on Windows, Linux operating systems and MacOSX. It is translated into 56 different languages. It has been released under license GPL version 2.

Features Of Home Bank

It provide the facility to import bank account statements.
It provide automatic cheque numbering features.
Category split and internal transfer support
It detect duplicate transfer detection.
Provide the support of dynamic powerful reports with beautiful charts.

KMyMoney is an open source personal finance manager by KDE. If you ever use Microsoft Money and Quicken, it operates similar to these. It provide support for different types of accounts. It also provide support for different categories of expenses, incomes and reconciliation of bank accounts and import/export. Objective of KMyMoney is to provide accuracy, provide ease to use and familiar features.

Features Of KMyMoney

It provide ease to use personal finance manager.
It provide numbers of predefined reports and charts.
It provide help to track investments.
It provide support scheduled repetitive entries.
It provide the facility to download online transactions.