Open Source POS Linux Softwares

  • Thu, 11/12/2015 - 14:51 by aatif

Open Source POS Linux Softwares

POS stand for Point of Sale is a place where a retail transaction is completed. It is not only a cash register it has many functions like it can be use for record and track customer orders, debit and credit card process, inventory management and can also create connection with other networks. It is widely used in small store and perform the cash drawer, barcode scanner and receipt printer activities. In services organization its use is different like it work as a laser printer for their service invoices. POS software are customizable, it can allow you to customize to achieve specific needs.

I have try together some open source POS Linux software. Lets see some of best Linux based open source point of sale software solution.

Floreant POS

Floreant POS is an open source point of sale software solution. It is written in Java language and supported cross platform like Windows, Linux, Mac and Java supported Tablets. This project is started in 2008 and has more than 25000 installation across the globe. It is mostly used in restaurants, it simplify the process of order management, automation of kitchen and keeping control of cash.


Provide food server touch screen activities like to create, edit, void, split, merge and payout tickets.
Provide robust technology and tested on different terminals running in Windows, Linux and Mac.
Provide facilities to manage drawer bleed, credit card tips payment and drawer pull.
Allow you to handle different payment types.
It calculate discount by percent and fixed amounts automatically and accepts giftcard and coupon.
It provide the features of reporting like sales summary, detail report and hourly income report etc.
Friendly interface for the management of cooking, beverates,packages,food menu etc.


Openbravo Java POS is an open source software solution. It is designed in such way that to perform multiple tasks like customer displays and barcode scanners, supports ESC/POS ticket printers. It is an excellent POS system released under the NU General Public License (GPL). It is supported cross platform like it can be runs on Linux, Mac and Windows. It comes with helpful extensive documentation support. Community of OpenBravo is very supportive. It allow you to install on your own server.


Provide real time view of inventory.
Provide excellent Restaurant module and warehouse module.
Excellent touch screen optimization features.
Provide professional services module facility.
Manage both anonymous and named transactions and maintain new customers associated with a ticket at the mobile point of sale.
Provide simultaneous multiple ticket support.


LemonPOS is an open source stable point of sale software solution. It supported small and medium size businesses. It is an excellent easy to use software solution. It provide customization facility. It supported Linux and other UNIX based operating system. At backend it used MYSQL database for storage of data. It has two part Lemon and Squeeze. First one is used for actual point of sale and second one is used for administrative purpose.


Provides modern theme able and easy to use Interface.
Provides modern search panel and price-checker tool.
Provide excellent reporting features.
Provide the features of check in and check out stock.
Allow export inventory as CVS.