Open Source Programs For Students And Teachers

  • Tue, 03/08/2016 - 15:41 by aatif

FocusWriter is an open source multi-platform application. It is simple and provide free writing environment.This application helps students, it automatically saves progress and reloads the last files you had open to make it easy to jump back in during your next writing session, dismiss the siren songs of social media and YouTube videos so they can craft a perfect five-paragraph essay. It supports different OS like Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. It has been translated into different languages.


It provide hide-away interface.
It provides number of themes with with different fonts, colors, and background images.
It show live static of Word count, paragraph count, page count, and character count.
It supported Multi-document and session.
It can be translated into over 20 languages.
It supported TXT, basic RTF, and basic ODT files.

Brackets is a lightweight and powerful open source text editor. It is customizable and easy entry point for students of all skill levels. It is supported cross platform like Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is written in HTML, CSS and Javascript and released under the MIT License. It is available in 38 different languages. It provides real-time connection of the browser. When we make changes to CSS and HTML and you can instantly see those changes on screen.


It provide the live privew of changes without manual refresh file.
It provide facility of quick edit of your code.
It provide the support of JSLint that check your Javascript code upon saving.
It provide the support of numbers of extensions.
It provide inline color picker for previewing and color adjustment functionality.

RedNoteBook is a digital diary, it allows you format, tag and search your entries. It organized your work and provide the support to add pictures, links, and customizable templates, spell check your notes, and export to plain text, HTML, Latex or PDF. For store data not required database, it stores data in the file. It is released under GPL License. It supported cross-platforms.


It provide the support of export and allow you to export it as HTML , PDF , LaTeX or plain text.
It provide support to browse notes by category or via a calendar.
It allow support to take backup your notes.
It provide search function and integrated spellchecker facility.
Internet and e-mail addresses are recognized automatically as links.