Open Source Web-Based Project Management Softwares

  • Thu, 08/27/2015 - 01:44 by aatif

Open Source Web-Based Project Management Software

Project management software can be used for achieving different purpose, it is not only used for managing software based project. The web based software provides different tools such like tool for planning,organizing and resource management for gaining and managing software based project. You can access web based software by using a web browser and not need to install any other software to access this. Some open source project management software are multi-user software. Lets see some of the best open source project management web based software.


Codendi is an open source solution mostly use in the life cycle management. It has the ability to do status tracking, project assignment, requirement management and document management. Codendi mainly used for managing software project process.It has one interface. It has comprehensive reporting system and dashboard. It also provide the features of integration and also provide the features of instant messaging,news and forum facility. It has unique project template and administration interface for Project Configuration.


Redmine is also free and open source web based project management tool. It is a flexible web management application. It is released under the term of GNU General Publick Licence v2. Redmine is written Ruby on Rails framework. It supported cross platform and different databases. The feature which included in this stuff are, it is flexible and access control, forums and wiki community, good time tracking,show chart aid visual representation. It also provide the features Gantt chart and calendar. It supported 34 different languages and allow plugins.


ProjectPier is another open source project management tool comes with intuitive web interface. It is easily download and install on web server, it is self hosted application.By using PrjectPier you can manage project, task and team with web interface. It is written in PHP and Javascript language and use MySQL database at backend. It give the freedom of scalability of self-hosting. It is freely available and provide freedom of customization because its released under the Gnu Affero General Public License (AGPL).