The Battle Of Small Sized PCs - CHIP Vs Raspberry Pi

  • Mon, 02/22/2016 - 15:55 by aatif

The Battle Of Small Sized PCs - CHIP Vs Raspberry Pi

The trend of low cost small PCs computer is grow in early 2010. The low cost small PCs is not doubt most successful invention in the history of computing. Due to low price and small in size, small PC market have been getting a lot of attention from consumers and industry owners.

When we talk about low cost and small size PCs, two names comes in mind Raspberry Pi and CHIP. These two products provide us a unique concept of small PCs and increase the use of automation in all the fields of life. Raspberry Pi, has been around since 2012 and it is created by a UK nonprofit supporting computer science. On the other hand CHIP began as a small Kickstarter project and become The world's First $9 Computer.

Some of the people believe that CHIP is the Raspberry Pi killer. Let's see some of the differences between them. It will clear us really CHIP is the Raspberry Pi killer or not.

When we talk about storage of these small PCs we have seen different storage options. Generally CHIP comes with built in storage capacity. It has 4GB of internal flash memory. It also provides the option of different types of storage up gradation, but you need to pay extra for storage up gradation. On the Other hand Raspberry Pi has not built in storage. It needs to use a MicroSD card. But one thing is in the favor of Raspberry Pi you can easily increase storage size to fulfill your needs.

In case of connectivity/ports some options are good in Raspberry and some are in CHIP. Raspberry comes with four USB ports and full size HDMI ports. It also has an Ethernet port plus combined audio jack and composite video. For adding extra sensor and hardware Raspberry have 40 GPIO pins. Ont he other hand, when we are talking about CHIP it has only a single USB port, eight GPIO pins, and a camera interface. You needed a separate adapter if you need an HDMI or VGA output. But CHIP has advantages in term of Wireless and Bluetooth. In CHIP has built in support of Wireless and Bluetooth which is not available in Raspberry Pi. You need to purchase additional hardware to use Wireless and Bluetooth in Raspberry Pi.

There are also differences in term of processor and RAM among them. CHIP has 1GHz processor based on the ARM Cortex-A8 core and 512MB RAM. While Raspberry Pi 2 Model B has a 900MHz quad-core processor and 1GB RAM on the British-designed board.

Size & License
We know that both are small in size such like size of a credit card. There is not too much difference among them in term of size. But when we see in technical term there is a little bit difference between them. CHIP is a little bigger as compared to Pi Zero. CHIP size is 40mm by 60mm bigger, while the Pi Zero size is 65mm by 30mm. CHIP and Raspberry Pi are open source and using Linux OS. But CHIP is more open source as comparing to Raspberry because Raspberry Pi's model Pi Zero used closed license.