The Best Open Source Document Management System

  • Tue, 06/16/2015 - 00:49 by aatif

The Best Open Source Document Management System


What Is Document Management System:
Document Management System (DMS) is a system that is used to track manage and store electronic documents and electronic images. DMS is a complete cycle process that consists of Creation, Location, Authentication, Workflow, Filing, Distribution, Retrieval, Security, Retention, and Archiving.



OpenKM is an open-source web-based document management system. It is a comprehensive full document management application that provides the function of metadata, workflow, file history, and version control, scanning, etc. And it also consists of jBPM workflow, content repository, and Lucene indexing. Java technology was used for developing this document management system. OpenKM provides a useful repository of corporate information assets to help for increasing knowledge and flourish business decision-making. By using OpenKM you can manage very easily structured and unstructured information. It provides an easy user interface to their user which allows you to collect information, Collaborate with colleagues on documents, etc.



FileDepot is an open-source document management system run on Drupal OS distribution. It is a web-based document management solution that comes with the support of reporting, locking files feature, notifications, and document tagging. By using file depot you can share documents, versioning control, enhance content integrity and create a collaborative environment. It provides the function of PDF conversion and also functions of e-Mail Systems. Increasing the functionality of this system it allows you to integrate with Microsoft Outlook and also provide a remote access facility to their user. FileDepot provides the features of automated version control, document threaded content discussion, full-text searching, and many more.



OpenDocMan is a free and open-source document management system. It is a web-based solution written in PHP language. It provides full control of access to files. It comes with automatically install and upgrade features. OpenDocMan has great features of customization. It gives you the freedom to modify this system according to your needs. It is a very flexible software system that provides the facility of integration. It supports different types of files format. OpenDocMan provides a number of features to their user some of these are Upload files directly from the browser, documents stored physically on the server, revision history, and file expiration, provide an automated document review process, allow three types of user, support multiple languages and many more.



LetoDMS is an open-source document management system. It is written in PHP language for data storage it used the MYSQL database. By using LetoDMS you can attach Meta-data to the document. It also facilitates their use by saving old version of documents and you can retrieve when you needed. The mechanism of security is very strong in the LetoDMS software system. It provides an easy way to search the file through tables of contents, full-text search, and indexes. LetoDMS provide very comprehensive features to their user like you can upload a file through the web interface, lock and unlock documents, view the online document in a web browser, alert through email notification about the expiry of documents, provide multi-language support and many more.


bitfarm-Archiv document management

bitfarm-Archiv document management is an open-source document management system. It is award-winning software that provides extensive and practical functionality. The most interesting thing about this system is it provides a very good adaptability feature. It is a very comprehensive document management system that supports many formats and data sources. It is a very flexible software that provides the facility of integration. It provides very excellent features to their user some of these features are it is fast and accurate document retrieval, Version control support, logging and evaluation support, provide audit-proof archiving according to legal demands, etc.