What Is Raspberry Pi

  • Mon, 02/01/2016 - 14:23 by aatif

What Is Raspberry Pi

raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi is low cost credit card sized computer. It is developed by Raspberry Pi Foundation in United Kingdom. Since it is a small size you can use it by plugin to a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. This small computer is capable of doing anything which a stander desktop computer can. You can use it for browsing the internet and playing video, to making spreadsheets, word-processing, and playing games etc.

The main goal of Raspberry Pi Foundation is to provide advance education for adults and children specially in the field of computers, computer science and other related subjects. It is an excellent machine for making projects. The Foundation of Raspberry provides Debian and Arch Linux ARM distributions for download an it promote the Python language by using it as a main language.

Raspberry Pi is a cheap Linux-based Fedora operating system. It is robust and portable operating system. You can attach it various devices to achieve different scenario and it allow you to connect with different real world objects.

Importance Of Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a robust powerful and inexpensive devices that anyone can purchase. Its cost is lie between $25 to $40. The RPi gives all children the opportunity to experiment with programming and provide a vast understanding through academic subject of computer science. It can bridge the gap between an idea and its implementation.

Operating System And Specifications

RPi operating system primarily uses Linux-kernel-based operating systems. Latest RPi supported several popular versions of Linux oOperating system. Operating system supported different programming languages like Python, BBC Basic, C and Perl. Install manager for the Raspberry Pi is NOOBS and consist of different NOOBS like (puppy, Raspbian, Arch Linux ARM etc). It is a 700MHz Broadcomm system with 4 GPU Videocore. It supported 1080p HD video and have 256MB of on-board RAM and sockets for HDMI and USB 2.0.