What Is Software as a Service? Benefits Of SaaS

  • Wed, 09/30/2015 - 23:41 by aatif

What Is Software as a Service? Benefits Of SaaS


Technology change day by day. These continuous changes in technology have a great effect on our daily life. Our way of doing the work is change day by day. Technology brings ease in every field of life. It also affects the use of the software. It introduced the new term Software as a service (SaaS).

What Is Software as a Services


Software as a Services (SaaS) is a method of delivering the software over the internet and provide access to software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service. It is a simple method of accessing the software at the provider server. Most SaaS applications are based on monthly fees, quarterly and annual fees. It is a good choice for business which seeks a cost-effective solution. By using Software as a Services in your business it eliminates the installation maintenance needs because it is the responsibility of your providers.

What Is The Benefits Of Software as a Service


Save Time

The main benefit of Software as a Services it saves your precious time. When we purchase software we consume time for installation and configuration setup. Some software is so much difficult to install and configure therefore they consume few working days for setup. By using SaaS you can get access to software within few hours. Everything is already prepared for you to get access and start working on it.

Save Cost

Unlike traditional software SaaS solution is cheap. In SaaS You have to pay to fulfill the basic needs, it saves your hardware cost, installation cost, maintenance cost, configuration, and support cost. Since SaaS applications are available monthly subscription basis therefore cost is less as compared to purchasing your own software.

Integration and scalability

Another benefit of SaaS applications is it easily scalable. You can also integrate it with other SaaS applications.No need to buy another server you can scale the existing server and integrate the new SaaS offering. SaaS provider also creates APIs which provide the connection for internal applications like CRMs, ERPs and also allow you to create a connection with other SaaS providers.

Work Flexibility

As we know that SaaS application is hosted in the cloud and access over the internet, therefore it provides the flexibility to access from mobile, tab, and laptop from any location. It provides ease in working, now you can check order history before for sales calls and also access the real-time data before taking an order from the customer.