Best Open Source School Management System

  • 24 November 2015 by aatif

Best Open Source School Management System

Fedena is an open source school management software. This software is developed on Ruby on Rail framework and its main focus on handling records. It is a web based software solution developed by Fordation Technologies. It is a cloud based software used for school administration purpose. This programm is available in git hub. Fedena is the best solution for schools and campuses that want an easy means to manage all campus records. It was released under License Apache License 2.0.

Features of Fedena:
It provide customizable code.
It has examination management system.
It provide financial management system.
It can be integrated for video conference.
It can be integrated for payment gateway.
It provide different add on module.

OpenSIS is a free and open source school management system. It is a best solution for K-2 and larger education institutions. This open source software is used by both small and medium size school. For using this school management system software need qualified IT staff. It is a web based software solution. It is written in PHP and used MYSQL database for store data. This software is released under GNU General Public License. You can download it from Source forge website.
Features of OpenSIS:
It is a free version.
It has substantial features.
It offers both free and paid versions.
It maintain transcript.
It maintain health care record.
It maintain attendance record.
It provide demographic information.
It provide email messaging convenience.
It has built in billing system.

Open Administration for Schools
Open Administration for Schools (OAfS) is an open source school management and administration software system. It is also design for K-2 and higher education institutions. OAFS was designed for public and Catholic schools. It has a special module for education and division central office. It provide the facility to run software on the same sever with multiple virtual sites. It also provide separate interface of parent-school site. This software package released under GNU General Public License.

Features of Open Administration for Schools:

It provide transcript System to print student transcripts.
It provide the report card system.
It has import and export module.
It has a system of parent,student Viewing scripts.
It provide demographic information.
It show online grade book.
It provide online day book.
It maintain disciplined and attendance.

SchoolTool is an open source student information system for school. It is a web based school management solution. The purpose of this open source project is to facilitate school administration. It provide important student information and also provide the reporting for primary and secondary schools. It also provide the freedom of customization to their user,you can customize this progrmm according to your specific needs. It used the Zope 3 framework and written in Python language. This software package comes under the GNU General Public License.

Features of School Tool:

It provide customizable data for student,teacher,demographics and other personal data.
It has teacher grade books features.
It provide the personal contact information like address, phone, email etc.
It has tracking and management system for student interventions.
It maintain class attendance and daily participation grades of students.
It support export function for export Scores in .xls spreadsheet format.
It has feature of organized grade book in multiple worksheets.
It provide skills and outcomes based assessment.

Open-School is an open source school management software solution. It is a very comprehensive solution for managing interaction between the students,teachers and parents. The basic objective of this management school system software is to provide the administration of school to handle resources in a efficient way. It provide the integration support for content management and news management through this you can publish your content on website easily.

Features of Open-School:
It provide online fee management system.
It has timetable management system.
It provide the new comprehensive design.
It facilitate online class rooms facility.
It has comprehensive attendance management system.
It provide online library support.
It provide comprehensive view of students,teacher and parents profiles.

RosarioSIS is an open source Source Student Information System (SIS) and School Management System (SMS). It is flexible system, it can be used in schools, academies, colleges and universities easily. It can be customize/modify according to the specific needs and can be distribute freely. It is written in PHP language and used PostgreSQL database. It has been released under Gnu GPL v2 license.

Features Of RosarioSIS:

It is compatible with tablets and smart phones.
Provide responsive design.
Online registration facility.
Provide integration facility.
Translated in different languages.
Provide different module like accounting & student billing,discipline module.