Requirements And Features Of Residential VoIP

  • Wed, 08/19/2015 - 01:21 by aatif

Requirements And Features Of Residential VoIP

What Is Residential VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is used by utilizing high-speed Internet connection allow callers in order to make and receive phone calls. With the growth of high speed internet Voice over Internet Protocol available at less monthly rates for residential consumer. Services which provided by VoIP for residential user are lower as compare to traditional telephony.

Requirements Of Residential VoIP

1. Before starting to residential VoIP service you need to subscribe plan from VoIP provider according to your requirement. Residential VoIP plan consist different number of plan,basic plan should cover most of what you would look for in a landline, little extra cost you have to pay to get advance plan, it has some extra features as compare to basic plan. For acquiring plan you need to contact with VoIP provider.

2. Internet connection is an other important element for utilizing residential VoIP services. Before selecting residential VoIP plan you must confirm that your internet connection speed or bandwidth are sufficient to utilizing residential VoIP services.

3. You also needed calling device for makes calls. Some of the VoIP provider provide their own softphone applications for cross platform like for computers, smart phones and tablets. Through these proprietary devices you make VoIP calls. You have another option to purchase IP phone devices to connect to internet and make calls.

Residential VoIP Service Features

It provide number of features to their user. Due to changing in VoIP technology more and more features produced in VoIP telephony system. List of features provided by residential VoIP greater than conventional phone companies.

1. All user who using the same residential VoIP services can connect one another without any charges regardless their different locations. Means you can calls free to everyone who are using the same services.

2. One another most impressive feature of residential VoIP service is its cost far less than traditional telephony. It also provide unlimited calls depends on the plan which you select. Some plans offer unlimited international calls.

3. VoIP telephony services allow you to make calls from anywhere. It is a flexible method of routing the calls. It also provide the features of mobility by providing almost free roaming services.

4. It is very easy to use residential VoIP system. It eliminate the needs of installation and maintenance of phone lines. VoIP phone systems use Internet network.