ICT Innovations working to release ICTFax Version 3.0

ICTFax Version 2.0 was released based on Plivo communications framework but later on Plivo has postponed supporting their project causing serious issues to community members those were using plivo in their systems as well as ICTFax users.

ICTFax users faced many issues those were related to plivo communications framework but there was no support. We, at ICT Innovations, after observing all this started working to replace plivo with our own custom framework so that ICTFax users will not face problems in future and now time has come to announce that we have completed most of the work and we are testing new framework with ICTFax and will release it soon.

ICTFax Version 3.0 will be released replacing existing plivo framework with our own ICTCore that will make ICTFax more flexible, stable and powerful solution. ICTFax previously relied on plivo to connect with FreeSWITCH. But now, ICTFax uses built-in ICTCore that connects directly with FreeSWITCH. ICTCore, apart from other features, also contain applications for sending fax and receiving fax functionality. In near future, it will be extended to contain more applications like play audio, call record, text to speech and many others.

New version also removes any need for the contributed drupal modules like Mailhandler and Feeds. ICTCore handles all the hassle itself now. No extra-ordinary configurations are required now. This means that configuring email to fax and fax to email functionality becomes much more easy.