ICTCRM release, An advance open source CRM with unified communications integrated

We are pleased to announce the release of ICTCRM, an open-source CRM software integrated with unified communications to present an advanced CRM with the combined features of both open source CRM and modern unified communications platform ICTCore. Connect your customers through Omni communication channels and convert your leads to potential customers. Connect your customers through Omni communication channels and convert your leads to potential customers. It has all of the tools to record all of your leads, build relationships with the clients, manage your opportunities and create personalized quotes for each customer.

It has all the tools for keeping track of your customers i.e. From leads to potential customers and sending them quotes to generating invoices. It has real-time dashboard monitoring to give you a complete report of your current sales, opportunities, and leads. You can also create your own custom reports and show them in the dashboard. It gives you the ability to create a customized sales process to maximize efficiency by designing your sales process and automating the tasks.

Monitor your customers and create a fully bespoke experience for your customers which helps to build the relationship with your customers. Engage your customers more successfully by creating a customized experience for them, track your leads and send them related marketing content according to their need and monitor your customer activities continuously and convert leads to opportunities.

ICTCRM provides you the ability to monitor, manage and assess the campaigns. It gives you the ability to run any type of campaign, which includes voice, SMS, fax, and email according to your needs to improve customer satisfaction.

ICTCRM allows you to automate actions whenever certain conditions are met. This removes the tiresome and manual work to be done by your team.

### ICTCRM Modules

* Accounts module
* Calls module
* Campaign Module
* Contacts module
* Documents module
* Emails module
* Invoices module
* Workflow module
* Tasks module
* PDF Templates module
* Quotes module
* Products module
* Opportunities module
* Leads module