Importance of Call Tracking in Telemarketing software

Call tracking is an important feature of telemarketing software but many people are still unclear that what benefit this technology may provide to the businesses. Call tracking technology allows the tracking of phone calls by supplying additional analytic information about the phone calls. This additional information may include the geographical location of caller based on the phone number that he/she is calling from. If the caller has some history, call tracking software may also show that history to the agent for performance based advertising.

Call tracking information measures the behavior of callers and allows achieving better telemarketing results. Call tracking software may record following information of the caller for effective tracking: phone number of the caller, geographical location, time distribution of incoming calls, and recording of the phone call to extract some keyword related to the discussion. This information can be used to generate reports such as call summaries, unique calls, repeat calls, caller information etc. This information can further be used to generate reports to analyze the effectiveness of an advertising campaigns by comparing tracking reports before and after the campaign.

Call tracking software works in conjunction with a web analytics software (such as Google, Bing and Facebook) to generate complete analytics for your advertising campaign. Here we have discussed some factors that will help you to choose the right telemarketing software with important call tracking features.

Detailed analytics

Call tracking software should provide all the basics information like caller id, call date and time, geographical location, call duration and caller information. This information will be used for real time information display about any caller to the call agents. Based on this information further reports such as call pattern, volume and duration can help better telemarketing strategy.

Third party Integration

Call tracking should provide easy to use APIs for third party integration. For example, integration with CRM tools provide effective information about the customer. This will help to understand sales cycle of an offline lead.

Customization Friendly

Different businesses have different requirements when it comes to the information management. For example, you may want additional popups to appear for an incoming call displaying information about the caller. Call tracking software should provide easy to use APIs or easy to use developers manual to make additional customization. If it is not possible, then software provider should provide customization and modification facility according to your needs.

Call recordings and transcriptions

Call tracking software should also have some advanced but very important feature of call recording and transcriptions. This feature will provide you very useful patterns that how your prospective customers inquire about your product. This will provide you very useful keywords that you could use frequently in your SEO. Call recording and transcriptions also allow you to provide feedback to your live agents.

If you take these factors into consideration when buying a telemarketing software, you will be getting real value of your investment.