ICTBroadcast SP 6.2 and ICTFax SP Version 5.2 released

Recently ICTInnovations released the ICTBroadcast service provider version 6.2 and ICTFax service provider version 5.2. ICTBroadcast is advancedunified Auto dialer and
Call Center Software
having Multitenant and Multi-service billing management Support.

ICTFax SP Edition is an Email to Fax, Fax to Email and web to fax software application also it supports Extensions / ATA, REST API’s and T.38, G.711 pass through and PSTN faxing. ICTFAX SP Edition is based on open source Freeswitch,ICTCore and Angular Framework.

Following are the new features and Addon introduced in ICTBroadcast service provider version 6.2 ICTFAX Service Provider Version 5.2.

ICTBroadcast Service provider version 6.2 Features:

1: Dialog Flow/ ASR Integration:

ICTBroadcast SP version 6.2 supports Dialogflow/ASR Integration . ICTBroadcast integration with Dialogflow enables businesses to automate and enhance customer interactions. By combining iCTBroadcast's broadcasting capabilities with Dialogflow's AI-driven chatbots, organizations can deliver personalized messages and gather responses seamlessly, improving customer engagement and support.

2: Retention Period:

Retention period feature is added in ICTBroadcast Service Provider version 6.2. Admins / Users can enable retention and choose the number of days
after the selected campaign data deleted automatically. Users / Admin can also select relevant data to delete along with the campaign, including spools, contacts/groups, and campaigns.


ICTFax Service provider version 5.2 Features:

1: Trunk Route Management:

ICTFax SP version 5.2 features Trunk Route Management. The admin canconfigure trunks for specific countries, for example, if a user has multiple trunks, the admin can configure these trunks for specific country. When a contact with a prefix dialed, the system selects trunks based on dialed prefix. associated with it.

2: Retention Support + Hipaa compliance / Encrypted Faxes(addon):

ICTFax SP version 5.2 features Retention and Hippa Compliance support . In retention support Faxes are automatically deleted after the retention period configured by admin. For example if admin has set 1 day as the retention period for a tenant / user, Faxes of said tenant / user will automatically deleted after 1 day.

In Hippa compliance, whenever ICTFax system receive a Fax documents, it automatically encrypt these Faxes immediately and save Fax documents in encrypted form. Hippa Compliance make sure that no one including admin can decrypt / view the content of Fax documents. Only destination user with encryption key can decrypt and download it also after set retention period the Fax will automatically deleted from ICTFax system provided the user has downloaded the Fax document.