ICTFAX Community Edition Version 5.0 Released, The Best Open source Fax server software

Recently ICTInnovations released the ICTFAX Community Edition version 5.0. ICTFAX is an Email to Fax , Fax to Email , Web to Fax software , supports Extensions / ATA, REST API’s and T.38, G.711 pass through and PSTN faxing. ICTFAX is based on open source Freeswitch, ICTCore and Angular Framework.
Following are the new additions introduced in ICTFAX Community Edition version 5.0

1: OCR of Fax Documents :

ICTFax community edition version 5.0 supports OCR (Optical character recognition)
of Fax Document support , when ICTFax system receive a Fax document, OCR will read the text and save this text in database. User/admin can view ,copy and paste this text for their usage by clicking on view button.

2: Change color scheme. :

Multi color theme scheme support added in ICTFax community edition version 5.0. Admin/user can change the theme color according to requirement if he needs it.

3: Angular updated with 13:

ICTFax community edition version 5.0 updated with latest version Angulare
13 to enhance the working of fronted.