Comparison of human–computer AI frameworks Dialogflow and Mycroft


DialogFlow is a popular chatbot development platform by google. It provides graphical interface to design and integrate conversational user interfaces into mobile apps, web applications, devices, and bots. Entities and intents are defined through the online interface by providing
several examples. Similar sentences are then matched using machine learning.

How DialogFlow works?

In Dialogflow, the basic flow of conversation involves these steps:

ICTFAX Version 4.0 released, A freeswitch based application featuring ATA and Rest API support

We are pleased to announce that ICTFax 4.0 has been finally released, a web based Foip server powered with angular with theming support and advanced features like Sending Multiple attachemnts, Fax Extensions and ATA Support.

New ICTFax version is completely powered with angular which acts as client to ICTCore, dropping the backward compatibility of Drupal 7 with new and advanced features of angular.

ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition Licenses absolutely free

On completion of 10 years of ICTBroadcast , the unified telemarketing software, We are happy to offer free licenses of ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition 2 channels , 5 channels , 10 channels and 50 channels licenses.

Limited licenses available

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ICTCore, The communications software for Telecom / Voip carriers to offer innovative services

Telecom organizations around the globe are competing with each other to offer innovative services in order to find new ways to generate revenue and in this competitive environment, only organization with efficient and innovative approach will survive . The price war are compelling telecom / voip operators / carries to find-out new ways to generate revenue and offer new services to fulfill their customer needs .

Release of ICTDialer Version 3.0 , the unified open source autodialer software

We recently released ICTDialer Version 3.0 http:/ , an open source autodialler application based on open source CTI development framework ICTCore and Freeswitch, the communication engine, It has been tested on high loads successfully and will include advance features in near future . ICTDialer features Fax, SMS and Voice broadcasting .