A Comprehensive Guide to Manage your Contact Center Software

One of any company's most useful resources is its contact center. It serves more purposes than only receiving orders and performing sales calls. Your contact center is the key component of your customer experience strategy and the main resource you use to develop client loyalty. Your business can make sure it is prepared to stand out for all the right reasons by using the contact center. It serves as the hub from which businesses manage all of their client interactions across all channels.

ICTFax Version 5.8.0 Released, the best open source Fax server software

Recently ICT Innovations released ICTFax Version 5.8.0. ICTFax is an advance and best open source Fax server software available in the market, ICTFax is developed over angular framework and freeswitch based ICTCore communications framework

MULTAN, Pakistan - Oct. 21, 2022 - Pleased to announce the release of ICTFax Version 5.8.0 with new and advance enhancements. Following are the main features introduced in ICTFax Version 5.8.0.

Three-level multi-tenant user management

Tenant addition and Tenant re-branding support

Microsoft Office file types support added