Exploring Asterisk, A Versatile Platform for Computer telephony integration

Computer telephony integration (CTI) has revolutionized the way businesses communicate with their customers. By merging computer systems with telephony technologies, organizations can enhance productivity, improve customer service, and streamline their communication processes. In this article, we will delve into the world of CTI and explore Asterisk, a versatile platform that has gained significant popularity in the field.

IVR, A key component for modern call center

In the rapidly evolving world of customer service, call centers play a crucial role in ensuring efficient and effective communication between businesses and their customers. As technology continues to advance, call centers have embraced various tools and solutions to streamline their operations and improve customer satisfaction. One such tool is Interactive Voice Response (IVR), which has emerged as a key component for modern call centers.

Enhancing business communication with freeswitch development services

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful business. In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, businesses rely heavily on robust communication systems to connect with customers, partners, and employees. This is where FreeSWITCH development services come into play. FreeSWITCH, an open-source telephony platform, offers a flexible and scalable solution for businesses looking to enhance their communication infrastructure.

Unlocking potential, the power of asterisk development services

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, effective communication systems are crucial for organizations to stay competitive and meet the demands of their customers. With the advent of advanced technologies, businesses are constantly searching for solutions that streamline their communication processes, enhance productivity, and reduce costs. Asterisk development services

The impact of computer telephony integration for revolutionizing communication

Communication is an essential aspect of human interaction, facilitating the exchange of information, ideas, and emotions. Over the years, technological advancements have significantly transformed communication methods, making it faster, more efficient, and accessible to people worldwide. One such innovation is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), a revolutionary technology that seamlessly combines computers and telephony systems.

open source, the catalyst for change and innovations

Open source, with its collaborative and transparent nature, is uniquely positioned to address these emerging challenges and fuel further innovation. By promoting knowledge sharing, open collaboration, and unrestricted access to software and technologies, open source has already transformed industries, disrupted traditional business models, and empowered individuals to shape their digital experiences.

How CTI Development Service Can improve your business

In the modern world, technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and businesses must keep up with the latest trends and tools to remain competitive. One of the most significant technological advancements that have revolutionized the business world is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). CTI is the process of integrating telephony systems with computer systems to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of a business.

Best ICT Innovations in 2023


As we move further into the digital age, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is becoming an increasingly integral part of our lives. The rapid pace of technological advancements is leading to new innovations and developments in the ICT industry that are changing the way we live, work, and communicate. With each passing year, new breakthroughs and ideas are emerging that are transforming the ICT landscape.

Top ICT Innovations in year 2023

5G Network Expansion

The year 2023 may see a significant expansion of 5G networks globally, with many more countries and regions adopting the technology. This could lead to increased availability and reliability of high-speed internet and faster download and upload speeds, enabling new applications and services. For example, 5G could facilitate the development of more immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences, enable real-time remote collaboration, and support the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and autonomous vehicles.

An Advanced Auto dialer software in the Market


An autodialer is a software program that enables organizations to automate outbound calls to customers or prospects. An advanced autodialer software goes beyond just placing calls, it offers a range of advanced features that can enhance productivity, save time, and increase efficiency. With advanced autodialer software, businesses can streamline their sales, marketing, and customer support operations by automating repetitive tasks and increasing the volume of outbound calls. 

Social CRMs & OmniChannel Integration with Autodialer software

In today's business world, customer engagement is more important than ever before. Customers expect businesses to engage with them across multiple channels, including social media, email, phone, and more. In order to meet these expectations, businesses need to invest in powerful tools like social customer relationship management (CRM), omnichannel integration, and autodialer software.

Learning in mother language at your own home

  • Wed, 03/01/2023 - 11:10 by danish

Learning in your mother language at your own home is a growing trend in education that is gaining momentum across the world. Mother language learning involves using the language you are most comfortable with to learn concepts, skills, and ideas. It provides a comfortable and familiar environment for learners, making it easier for them to comprehend and retain new information. This approach to learning has numerous benefits, including improved learning outcomes, better retention of information, and positive effects on self-esteem and identity.

Guidelines to how to register for PHD

  • Tue, 02/28/2023 - 16:01 by danish


Registering for a PHD program can be a complex process that requires careful preparation and attention to detail. In order to successfully register for a PHD program, it is important to follow specific guidelines that outline the necessary steps to take. In order to successfully register for a PHD program, one must research available programs, choose a program, that aligns with their research interests and goals, contact potential supervisors, prepare application material, submit their application, and wait for a response.

Modern Learning Method in 2023

  • Tue, 02/28/2023 - 14:50 by danish

Education has undergone a significant transformation in past years, the advancements in technology and a growing understanding of how people learn. Modern learning methods in 2023 will provide students with a wide range of innovative and interactive ways to learn and retain information. These methods cater to different learning styles and include online learning platforms, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning, gamification of learning, microlearning, and personalized learning.

Top open source ICT's in year 2023


In the fast-paced World of Technology, Open source ICT solutions are gaining more and more popularity due to their flexibility, cost-effectiveness, high demanding security, and community development. The year 2023 is no different, and we expect to see some exciting developments in open-source information and communication technology and ICT software and operating systems.

In this article, we will discuss Top open-source ICT in 2023;

How to setup your hospital management setup using free and open source software


Hospital management is a complex and critical task that requires efficient systems and processes to ensure the smooth functioning of healthcare organizations. With the increasing need for cost-effective solutions, many healthcare organizations are turning to free and open-source software to manage their operations. We will guide you on how to set up a hospital management system using free and open-source software.

How to setup your school management setup using free and open source software

Overview :

Today's digital technology makes running a school a very difficult undertaking. However, schools may streamline their operations and make the entire process much more effective and efficient with the aid of free and open-source software. A computer programmer or collection of programmed called "school management software" are made to manage several parts of a school or other educational institution.The main objectives of school management software are to streamline operations, automate administrative activities, and increase overall effectiveness.

TOP universities of world recommend for foreigners in 2023


Studying abroad is the best, most unique, and most enriching experience that can give students a broader perspective on the world and new opportunities for personal and academic growth. Finding the right university can ensure a successful academic and cultural journey for international students. To help make the decision easier, we have compiled a list of top universities in the world that is highly recommended for international students.

How to setup your PBX setup using open source FusionPBX


PBX or private branch exchange, is a telephone switching system that connects all of the phones within a business to each other, as well as to outside world through public switched telephone networks (PSTN) or VoIP. PBX systems can be hardware-based or software-based, and offer advanced features like call routing, voice mail, call recording, and call reporting.

In this blog we will discuss about the steps to set up your PBX using FusionPBX.

How to setup your PBX setup using Open-Source FreePBX

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone system that routes calls within an organization and enables the admin and user to share several external phone lines. FreePBX is an accessible, open-source, web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that helps to manage telecommunication services such as Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems.

How to setup your call center setup using free and open source software


A call center is a centralized department that handles inbound and outbound calls from customers and organizations. Call center are located either within an organization or outsourced to another company that are professionals for handling calls.

Types of Call Centers:

There are three most common types of call centers are inbound, outbound, and blended call centers.

Inbound Call centers:

Top ICT Innovations in year 2023


The field of Information and communication technology (ICT) is constantly evolving with new technologies and application emerging every year. In 2023 several significant advancement were made in the field of ICT, with new technologies and applications emerging that have the potential to transfor various industries and improve our daily lives. Some of TOP innovations of 2023 are

  • 5G technology

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Machine learning

  • Internet of thing (IoT)

  • Block chain

How to setup Multi-tenant environment in suite CRM using Security group

We can set up a multi- tenant environment in open source Suite CRM using security groups . In this tutorial , we will learn how to set up Suite CRM with multi tenant environment , We will create groups of users based on security groups and all users in same security groups will have their separatedata and users of other security groups will not be able to access said data such as leads, contacts etc .

CRM: The Real Story and How it can Benefit your Business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a great technology that enables businesses to boost productivity and profits while also increasing customer happiness. CRM can be adapted to almost any sort of organization because of its large range of tactics and uses. CRM software may be useful for almost all businesses, and it is far better to start utilizing one for your company before you need one.

A Comprehensive Guide to Manage your Contact Center Software

One of any company's most useful resources is its contact center. It serves more purposes than only receiving orders and performing sales calls. Your contact center is the key component of your customer experience strategy and the main resource you use to develop client loyalty. Your business can make sure it is prepared to stand out for all the right reasons by using the contact center. It serves as the hub from which businesses manage all of their client interactions across all channels.

ICTFax Version 5.8.0 Released, the best open source Fax server software

Recently ICT Innovations released ICTFax Version 5.8.0. ICTFax is an advance and best open source Fax server software available in the market, ICTFax is developed over angular framework and freeswitch based ICTCore communications framework

MULTAN, Pakistan - Oct. 21, 2022 - Pleased to announce the release of ICTFax Version 5.8.0 with new and advance enhancements. Following are the main features introduced in ICTFax Version 5.8.0.

Three-level multi-tenant user management

Tenant addition and Tenant re-branding support

Microsoft Office file types support added